5 Tips for Finding a Guitar Teacher

Learning to play an instrument is a gift like no other, something to take with you for the rest of your life.

Guitar lessons are becoming more and more popular, with people taking inspiration from famous bands or their favourite acoustic artist. Learning to play is not easy, but with enough determination you will soon be showing off your talent to anyone who will listen.

To help you start your learning straight away here are our top 5 tips for finding a guitar teacher:

  1. Price – Check around to establish the average price for guitar lessons, it is important not to pay over the odds. However take into consideration any extra perks that may be worth paying that bit more for.
  2. Frequency – If you are looking for regular lessons why not see if there is any benefit to pay in advance or buy in bulk.
  3. Ask around – Do any of your friends take guitar lessons? Recommendations can be a fantastic way of finding your next teacher.
  4. Experience – if you don’t know your guitar teacher, get to know them a bit more. There is nothing wrong with asking their credentials and finding out whether you can build up a relationship.
  5. Set goals – Be open about what you want to achieve and timescales, a great teacher will embrace this providing professional yet supportive advice.

For more information on guitar lessons in Wigan, Lowton, Astley & Altrincham contact The Sound Academy on 07751 497 488.

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