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Music Lessons Lowton

Learning to play a musical instrument can be one of the most fulfilling achievements and it is never too late to start lessons. If you are looking for music lessons in Wigan, the Sound Academy can help. Sound Academy’s fresh approach to music lessons in Lowton has banished the stuffy reputation that many people imagine […]

5 Tips for Finding a Guitar Teacher

Learning to play an instrument is a gift like no other, something to take with you for the rest of your life. Guitar lessons are becoming more and more popular, with people taking inspiration from famous bands or their favourite acoustic artist. Learning to play is not easy, but with enough determination you will soon […]

How to Get Music Lessons

If you are looking through the internet searching for how to get music lessons then you are in safe hands with us here at The Sound Academy. We are leading the way in providing fantastic music tuition to pupils within the local area. Whether you are looking to pick up and learn the guitar, bass, […]

Live concert news

Live concert news – We are currently looking at venues and dates for the next live concert, details will be published as soon as we have them! Tutor News – Tutors Jordan and Elliot’s band Neptune Valley hit the studio to work on an EP! Tutor News – Tutors Joe and Katie’s band the Lottery […]

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